About Us

About Us

Mission and Vision

Walbrook is a full service Financial Public Relations and Investor Relations consultancy that has a strong reputation for advising growing Small Cap and AIM listed companies. Our clients range from £2m Market Cap. to £200m across a wide number of sectors.

Competition for investor, analyst and media attention is very high, particularly for smaller growing companies, and our objective is to raise the profile of our clients so that they stand out from the crowd resulting in increased knowledge and interest among investors.

Who We Are

Walbrook was founded in 2009 following an MBO of the business of Parkgreen Communications led by Paul McManus. Walbrook brings together a committed team of professionals who are experienced in broadcasting, public relations, corporate communications and investment analysis.

Within a year of start-up, Walbrook was shortlisted as AIM PR firm of the Year at the Growth Company Investor Awards 2010 and continues to be the best performing Financial PR firm in terms of growth in the number of our AIM clients

Why Walbrook?

Walbrook is the best performing Financial PR firm since July 2009 in terms of the growth of the number of our AIM clients, during a time when the AIM market has shrunk by approximately 10% and many PR firms have seen their AIM client base diminish.

So why, when many AIM focussed PR firms are losing clients, does Walbrook attract new companies? We believe the reasons are:

  • We provide a genuinely proactive and integrated Financial PR and Investor Relations offering.
  • We have a track record of success with high quality Small Cap and AIM companies.
  • We foster long-term relationships with our clients based on delivering results which means we have a reputation for strong client retention.
  • We deal regularly with the Small Cap & AIM focused journalists which allows us to generate significant coverage for our clients.
  • Our Investor Relations offering provides much needed liquidity and share price support.
  • We have not compromised the quality of our services as we’ve grown – in fact we’ve added key members to the team and enhanced our offering.
  • We have a dynamic and incentivised team that are both highly professional and sociable.


Where does the name Walbrook come from?

Walbrook PR takes its name from its location – our offices are based in the heart of the City in the Ward of Walbrook, one of the 25 Wards of the City of London. Nearby is a street called Walbrook which is home to Sir Christopher Wren’s beautiful church St Stephen Walbrook, which has undoubtedly one of Wren’s finest church interiors.

The Ward of Walbrook is itself named after an underground river that runs from what is now Finsbury through the City and into the Thames and which acted as a social hub in the Roman settlement of London.